When thinking of web designing interview questions to inquire about for a new project, you need to keep three things in mind: time, money, and compatibility. Think about aspects of your website that are most important to you: the layout you would want, the color schemes for each page, where you want your information located, how you want the search engine optimization done, and if you want social media sites linked to your website. Once you have that blueprint in your head, contact a company and interview them to make sure it will be a good fit.

Web Designing Interview Questions You Need To Ask

Ideally, the first thing you would want to know is how much everything is going to cost and how things will be priced. The web designer isn’t going to know how much it will cost until they know how much work is going to be done. You can figure this out by outlining your ideal homepage and then deciding how much information you want on there, where to put extra information, and how many other pages you want on your website. Do you need eCommerce? What about a picture gallery? Once you have a better understanding of what you want done for your website, you can then ask the web designer how much they think it will cost.

Check Their Portfolio

web design interview questionsYou should ask for examples of the web designer’s work so you can get a better understanding of their capability and what they have done in the past. Who knows, you may like some of their previous work and want something similar to it. Ask if they have an examples of work within your industry? And make sure to check where those website are ranking. With the examples you should also request pricing preferences. Some web designers prefer per project payment, others prefer hourly. Pricing is always something important to discuss before introducing any contracts or beginning any work.

You should ask about availability not only for the time it takes to build your website, but also for long-term availability. If something happens on your website code-related, will they be available to fix it? How much would they charge for a minor fix that would take a couple hours or less to fix? Ask for their ability to continue to increase search engine optimization if needed and make sure they will teach you how to maintain and update parts of your website. An affordable maintenance package is always a positive.

How long have they been doing this? Did they go to school for web design or are they self taught? Ask them about previous job experiences related to web design and/or coding. Get a better idea on who this person is how well you believe they would be able to do the job. Experience does not always mean they are a better fit for the job; make sure you receive a portfolio of their previous works or links to websites they’ve worked on.

Interviewing someone for web design can seem a little out of your league, especially if you don’t know anything about web design. Ask them about their willingness to cooperate with you and fix anything you think should be changed or altered.

Experience Goes A Long Way

Ask about their experience with search engine optimization, and how well they are at it. Get a better understanding of their proficiency and ability to optimize your website for the best search results. You don’t want your website buried in the search engine results page. You want your website to be in the first two pages of Google’s search engine results; preferably the first one, but increasing your content and bettering your website could lead you there instead of coding in SEO. One thing to keep in mind is that just building a website does not mean it will rank high. You have to put in a lot of ongoing work to acheive really good SEO scores. No web designer can just build a website and have it rank #1. SEO takes time…. there is no magic button.

Using these tips to find someone to design your website will lead you to the best people for the job. Topics of color schemes, page numbers, contact information, payment options, and availability will come up. Gathering all of the information will make for a good interview that will end with you having all the knowledge needed to make the decision on whether or not the web designer is right for the job.

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