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Digital marketing in KC – We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, Digital Marketing solutions. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.


Incredible Solutions

Strong businesses have strong brands. ThinkShore Media is the one of Kansas City’s Digital Marketing, web design and marketing firm who understands that your brand is not your logo; it’s the promise of an experience. We possess both the marketing and technology chops to reinforce that brand experience in all aspects of the web, including your website, search engines, print marketing, and Social Media. We’ve done it for hundreds of businesses and organizations… and we can do it for yours. Take your company and show the passion that you have for your customers!

Build Your Brand

Strong brands aren’t born, they’re built. Building a strong brand identity is an intense, deliberate process, but the better it’s done, the more effortless the result looks. We have developed a marketing and branding methodology that involves logic,creativity, and a lot of hard work. Your brand is the essence of your business. It distills the complexities of your organization into a clear, simple, and memorable identity that inspires customers and employees alike. Managing your brand is critical to achieving long-term success and our digital marketing solutions can help you do just that.

Web Design

We pride ourselves in affordable and professional websites for small businesses. Weather is it redesigning an out-of-date website or starting a new one from scratch, we can help business owners start and improve their online reputation and get them moving towards new customers. Responsive Web design is definitely our passion!




To have a successful web presence, your website needs to be fast and secure. It needs to load quickly so your customers can get the information they need in a timely manner. And it needs to have up-to-date security and software. Without that, you are leaving yourself open to hackers and spam. Learn more about our secure hosting service.

Content Updates

Are you busy gaining new customers but still need your website updated frequently? Do you not have time to update your blog on a regular basis? Then let us take that burden off your shoulders. We can make your needed changes quickly and professionally. Our affordable options let you continue to do what you do best. Learn More Here.


SEO Services

Having a dynamic website is one thing, but getting found on the internet is an entirely new ballgame. That is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. With the correct local Kansas City SEO package, your company can surpass your competition in search results and gain the new customers you dream about.


Support & Maintenance

Out-of-date software is the biggest reason for your website to get hacked or function improperly. It needs to be updated regularly when new versions are released. Our affordable Support Plan lets you run your business, while having us keep your website up to date and functioning properly.



Print Marketing

From brochures and post cards to business cards and more, we can help take your image and branding to the next level. Our digital design will highlight your business and at the same time let potential customers know they can trust in doing business with your company.

Social Media Management

An important part of any growing business is connecting with your customers though social media. We live in a technology driven society where more and more people find companies through their social networks and online friends. That is why it is imperative that your company effectively use social media.



Ecommerce Management

Managing a successful business takes a lot of time, but what if you want to expand your business into ecommerce? That would mean a lot more time and a lot more effort to update products ad make sure everything is running correctly. Take advantage of our ecommerce expertise to increase profits and develop business growth.




Blog Management

Blogs are a great way to add new and original content to your website. The only problem is to deliver constant and engaging blog posts every week can take a lot of time. A lot of businesses think they can handle it themselves… then 10 months later they realize they have only posted once. Blogs help A LOT with SEO and your site ranking. We can help you manage yours.

Digital Marketing in Kansas City

We apply creativity, technology and analytical expertise to craft communication solutions that resonate with business objectives, deliver profitable results and provide business accountability.

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

Thinkshore Media collaborates with our clients to unleash the power of shared thinking. We craft ideas and give them energy, life, and purpose. Whether that purpose is to drive sales, communicate your brand, or increase customer loyalty.

Our websites are Mobile-friendly designs, our SEO packages get results and can take your business to the next level. We are located in Lees Summit and will be happy to meet with you to go over all the details in person!