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You want to make sure that you website is always up and running and loads your content fast. Our hosting servers can do that!

Managed Web Hosting


As a managed hosting provider, we are going to take care of a bunch of the technical nitty-gritty stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love and growing your business. Our hosting includes: SSL certificate, managed backups, security, software updates, malware removal, disaster recovery and speed optimization. We also include 1 hour of content updates each month as well. Basically, we take care of everything for you!



We’re custom built for our favorite (and only) platform: WordPress!


Get crazy fast load times with zero configuring.


Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night.

Here are the main benefits of what makes up a true managed website host like Thinkshore:


Managed Caching and Performance. We handle caching for you at the server level, using super fast servers to begin with, and even work individually with our customers to further optimize their sites for the best performance. Performance tuning isn’t what you should be focusing on. You’ve got other things to do. That’s why we do free performance assessments on your site’s code and setup.

Managed Security. We proactively scan and block malware and hacking attempts. We do all of this at the server level, without the need for any plugins or configuration on the part of the customer. And in the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we’ll fix it for you, free of charge.

Managed Software Updates. We’ll work with you to make sure your site is always running the latest and greatest WordPress software and plugin updates.

Dedicated Resources. You aren’t sharing your server space with anyone else, leading to better performance and security.

99.99% Uptime. It really, truly can’t get much better than that!

FREE SSL Certificate. Get the green padlock of your dreams and keep info under (pad)lock and key. SSL is known best by two obvious indicators that pop up in the URL bar when it’s installed: the green padlock and https://. If a visitor sees these two things, they know that their info is being encrypted and they can freely interact with the site without worry. A must for eCommerce.



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Cheap Hosting Can Effect Your Business

As a result of their poor choices, businesses websites end up experiencing negative effects such as the following:

  • Revenue Loss – When a site goes down, you lose a sizeable amount of potential sales because potential customers searching for your products and services will not be able to read your blog posts or learn about your products or services. Imagine how much you, as an online store, would lose for an hour’s worth of downtime.
  • Lower SEO Ranking – Ranking is everything in content marketing, as this is how consumers will find your products or services. A website that has frequent downtime episodes might find it hard to rank because search engines won’t be able to visit your site. Slow websites can also hurt your rankings.
  • Malware Attacks – If you cannot keep your site safe and secure for your clients and new visitors, then do not expect revenue to come by so easily.


Business Hosting Package

As discussed earlier, our managed hosting includes: SSL certificates, managed backups, security, software updates, malware removal, disaster recovery and speed optimization. We also include 1 hour of content updates each month as well.

Thinkshore Media offers a competitive package for independent businesses that need to put up their website and reach out to potential clients online. Our hosting and maintenance services are robust and stable, ensuring a smooth, positive user experience through and through. We offer hosting for information and ecommerce websites.

We understand that having a website can sometimes seem like rocket science and we will efficiently guide you through this process. YOU will always own your own domain names and your own server space. You will always have control over your business.


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Our websites are Mobile-friendly designs, our SEO packages get results and can take your business to the next level. We are located in Lees Summit and will be happy to meet with you to go over all the details in person!

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