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We are a small business web design company in Kansas City striving to create just the right website for each client with our professional web design services. We can help you have the website that will not only look great, but meet the needs of both you and your target audience. We’ve been in business for over 5 years, and our clients know they can trust us for quality work and excellent support. Your goals are important to us, and we work with you to create the perfect design for every need.

Besides professional web design services, we offer may other soptions that can help you grow your business and reach new customers.

Website maintenance – Website maintenance is basically making sure that all of the cogs in your machine are working together. The little things matter, little things like fast site speed, correctly connecting links and properly performing code structure. If any part of your website is not up to date it can affect the effectiveness of your SEO. A functioning website promotes your business, increasing customer traffic and satisfaction. Our hosting includes: managed backups, security, software updates, malware removal, disaster recovery and speed optimization… the is a perfect ompliment to our professional web design services.

Content marketingContent marketing is utilizing the information you have as a business to improve your SEO. Articles, infographics, videos and more can be produced and published regularly and strategically to keep your website up-to-date. Using content, you can inform and connect with your clients by addressing the topics they are looking for and interested in. Done effectively content marketing can increase your business and bring more future customers to your website.

Search engine marketing (PPC Management) – SEM is managing online advertising like Google AdWords and other pay-per-click formats to increase sales and conversions. While PPC Management may sound simple, effective management of your accounts requires a lot of time and experience to understand the complex details hiding beneath the surface. When your accounts are managed correctly, it can greatly improve your online advertising ROI.

Social media marketingSMM allows your company to interact with and inform customers and potential customers by using a variety of platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Proper use of social media can be a great way to gain and retain clients but improper use can result in dismal results and wasted money. Make the investment necessary to maintain your social profiles because an abandoned profile gives a bad impression.

Website security updates – What happens if your site shuts down? When you have dead links? Who do you call? And, did you know your website can give your customer a virus? Hackers love to insert viruses which could affect anyone who checks out your website. It just doesn’t make sense for you to spend your time learning and trying to fix the problem. You have much better things to do as a CEO. Let us maintain your website on a monthly basis to make sure you are up and running.

SEO – The most important thing to keep in mind is that SEO (search engine optimization) is a long-term business marketing strategy and well-done, long-lasting SEO takes time & persistence. Our goal is to keep your business thriving and your life simplified.

As you can see, we are more than just professional web design services. We offer many different options to help your business grow.

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