In a previous post, we spoke about the basics of web page design and how functionality and beauty all wrapped together in one appealing package can help grow your online presence and your business. Now, we’d like to talk about the best website design for you. Of course, if you’re looking for a perfectly tailored and bespoke website for your business, contact us so our experts can give you a one-on-one consultation.

The best website design for you will depend on a combination of factors. What type of business do you have or would you like to have? What products or services are you trying to sell to a customer? Are you creating an online portfolio for freelance work or for a hiring agency? Are you trying to dethrone the social website giants Facebook and Twitter?

How do these questions help to determine the best website design for you? Here’s an example: an ecommerce style website may not achieve the appropriate or even intended results for a freelance photographer as the same website would achieve for a business selling a product. A crafter starting a small business from their home with the intention of selling their handcrafted candles or soaps would benefit more from that previously mentioned ecommerce website. The crafter could set prices or have an add-to-cart feature which would make order placing and shipping easier for both business owner and consumer.

Let us continue to use the example of the freelance photographer and the crafter. The best website design for the crafter making homemade goodies wouldn’t be a website geared towards an online portfolio or a website that didn’t have a cart or more information on the crafter’s products. The freelance photographer would have better use for a portfolio website to display gorgeous and unique photographs and blog posts describing where the photographer has been and how the photographer finds inspiration.

There are many different types of websites available out there. Ecommerce, portfolio, or even community websites– there is an answer to every question you may have about your website. Take a breather, write down some questions or ideas on what you are looking for in a website and then come talk to us. Helping you choose the best website design is our passion. Not only will we help you envision your website but we will make it reality.

Make a few decisions on what are you selling, buying, or representing and once you’ve got the basics, we can step in and help design your website and your brand. We won’t leave you hanging out there by yourself either; we can offer maintenance packages to keep your new website safe and secure and SEO services to help consumers find you amongst competitors.

After all, choosing the best website design starts with you and ends with us.

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