The benefits of social media are monumental. There are numerous ways that social media has benefited companies. Through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest, companies can connect to clients directly.

Facebook is the biggest social media site currently, and has over 100 million people using their site each month. Facebook is used for family and friends to connect to one another, and is also used for businesses to create pages for users to rate, share, check-in at, and browse. Making a Facebook page for your business will benefit your company because it’s letting users learn about your company, go through reviews and ratings, and lead to more interaction.

Twitter is similar to Facebook, except their posts have a character limit, and everyone has the same layout for their Twitter profile. On Twitter you can be more interactive with your followers or other Twitter users by either direct messaging them or tweeting them. A lot of businesses will use Twitter as a way for users who are having issues to tweet them, and the business will have someone tweet them back or direct message them the solution to their problem.

the benefits of soical mediaYou can also use Twitter for the hashtags, so people who are looking at the hashtag you tagged in your tweet will find your Twitter and browse through it. Twitter also has trending hashtags, which you can also use to benefit your company and bring more attention to your Twitter profile. Trending hashtags are topics that majority of Twitter users are currently tweeting about. Tweeting about a trending topic will get more attention onto your profile.

Google+ is a great way to connect to others by adding them and sharing information. It’s a social media site similar to Twitter and Facebook rolled into one. Unfortunately, it does not have as much popularity as Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram is another great social media site that a lot of people of all ages love to use. Plenty of businesses use Instagram as a way to gain momentum and traffic to their page. You can link your business’s website on your Instagram page, and give a brief description on who you are on the top of the site. You don’t need to pay for advertising on Instagram, but if you do it would reach a lot of people. You just need to make sure your advertisement is eye-catching enough for users to want to learn more about. Instagram is a great place for businesses just starting out to expand themselves and gain a following.

The Benefits of social media sites is that you don’t have to just pick one. While having more than one social media account will definitely take more of your time and effort to maintain more than one site, you will see your hard work pay off. Another great reason to use more than one social media site is that you can link them all to one another, and reach the most people you can. You can link your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to one another to get the most out of social media marketing.

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