The ability to engage and attract customers and marketers to your website is very important to the success of any business. According to Google, the consumers watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube daily which is almost one third of the total internet users.

Therefore, having content for your video will help you bridge the gap and create a connection between your product and customers. Videos are great tools in passing across a message and as well explaining the products or services you are selling. It is however important that we discover the impacts video content can bring to a website.

Below are the reasons why your website needs a video:


1) Videos are great tools in passing across a message quickly.

These days, users tend to read less online and watch videos at an increased rate, unless your website visitors are very fast at reading. Website users digest information they see and hear than information they read. Video gives one an opportunity for all kinds of advertisement on the website to be of appeal to anyone who visits the site and it can come in form of a written content, audio or a closed caption.

Video contents will not only engage the website visitors to be glued to their devices but it will also increase the search result for the website. It is not to say that videos should replace written contents completely but that it would be of a great complement to strengthen whatever content you have on your website. Also, videos can be a great way of adding subtitles to the visitors who are not able to listen to the contents at that particular moment.


2) Videos increases your reach

Videos can increase your reach across various devices and social promotion platforms. Video contents are versatile and can easily get across any social platform or channel you prefer and this will invariably catch the eyes of the user and will make the user more engaged which in turn will lead to more conversions.

By adding a video on your website, it creates an opportunity for your website to go viral and increase the number of users daily. Video is a great way to getting people to regularly visit your website and it is important that you add exciting and engaging videos that will help in delivering your targeted message which in turn will provide values to the users.


3) Driving traffic to your website

Videos can be an excellent tool of increasing traffic to your website. When a video contains straightforward, exciting and useful contents, it makes the website visitors stay a little longer to explore all the contents of the site especially the written forms which will reduce your bounce rate.

It is therefore necessary that a balance is made between the written content and the visual content so as to keep people interested.
For instance, you can make it possible that your articles will be to educate and your videos will be to entertain. This will help in striking a balance on what each content will do.


4) Increases Credibility and trustworthiness

Videos are tools that portray a credible and reliable image of you and your website to the visitors. Having videos that interacts with the visitors creates an opportunity for you to have an interactive session whereby you set up a live streaming and allow the visitors participate and ask questions about what ever products or service you are offering on your website and you explain to them how your product or service can offer solutions to their problems and this in turn will make visitors who are skeptical about you or your website trust and rely on your product or services.


5) Videos creates an opportunity for Creativity

A written description of any product or services you are offering on a website is less likely to explain the product/services in full details like video would. Videos allows for creativity in elaborating the product/service specifications, how the product/service can be used by the visitors and demonstrating the importance of the service/product especially if you are selling a business online. Videos can also provide the visitors with an “in person” demonstration of the product/ service thereby keeping the visitors engaged and likely to buy the service/product.


6) Videos Boost SEO

Videos on a website can stimulate SEO (search engine optimization) to rank better in Google. Websites with videos have a better opportunity on being on the front page listing on Google. Reports show that 88% of visitors tend to adhere to a site where there are videos. This shows that search engines prioritize video results as they are easier to be found on the web when searched.



It is therefore safe to say that videos are very important in the design of a website as it will drive the sales of the content on a front foot in a competitive market.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more.

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