We know there are a lot of people claiming they can help with being a SEO consultant in Kansas city. Everyone has a friend or cousin who “can spiff that up for you.” Despite their nice intentions, these good samaritans may not be the right person for the job. Let’s not dance around here: not everyone who can update a Facebook status can be considered a professional or trustworthy SEO consultant.

Here at Thinkshore Media, we personally care about you and your business. We can, without a doubt, say that we understand your trials and tribulations with SEO and more. Our founder was in your shoes five short years ago when he started our company. We completely understand what it is means to be a small-to-medium sized business who is looking to expand networks and find new leads.

Every business needs some marketing to grow and increase sales– if that marketing is word of mouth, social media campaigns, or paid SEO services is up to you. The universal truth of small-to-medium business, especially in Kansas City, is that you need customers in order to grow.

Time is money for a small-to-medium sized business owner and when you use an SEO consultant, it will save your company both. You can get a measurable return on your investment while you are focusing on the important ins and outs of your business. You can trust that we will take care of your SEO, website, and other services.

We know it can be tempting to hire an in-house person to help with your SEO and, at first glance, it may even seem more cost-efficient. However, there are hidden costs associated with hiring a new in-house employee: advertising fees for the position, payroll taxes, technology and tools for your shiny new in-house employee to use in order to do their job. All of hidden costs start to add up. Sooner rather than later, that “cheap in-house employee” is now costing you two or three times more than simply choosing us.

Now, take a look at that new in-house person that was just hired and compare them to what we are offering: a team of experts ready to tackle every SEO need your business may have with minimal training and no payroll costs attached. That in-house employee may eventually become swamped with other duties and slowly your website and digital presence needs will be pushed lower and lower on their to-do list. We won’t get distracted with data entry or ordering office supplies. Our only focus is to be your preferred SEO consultant in Kansas City. That’s it. That’s what we’re doing. We’re not filing or answering the phone– we are making sure your website is optimized and reaching its intended audience.

While it can be appealing to hire in-house for your SEO needs, let us convince you otherwise. We have an extensive list of services, a happy customer base, and an well-rounded portfolio. Still trying to decide between hiring in-house or choosing us as your SEO consultant in Kansas City? Drop a line and contact us for more information or a consultation.

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