Google has a plethora of ways to rank their search engine results. For your site to show up higher in the search engine results page, there are many different things you can do. Having keywords in your title, header, subheader, domain, and title… are just a few things that contribute to high google ranking factors. Keywords throughout your site increases your chances of being in the first couple of pages in the search engine results page. However, having too many keywords will have the opposite effect and cause your site to appear as spam. There is a balance and usually that is around 5% keyword density. You do not want to go over that. Want an awesome plugin? Try Yoast.

Get Your Website To The First Page with These Google Ranking Factors

Updating your posts and pages on your site will make them more relevant for both the users who want the best information on the topic and for Google’s crawlers who can scan in the information and rank the most relevant information highest in the search engine results page. The age of your website will not affect your ranking on Google so long as you keep your content updated, especially if your content is of something that changes over time. Google will place the date next to the article of when it was last updated to show the user how relevant the page is.

google ranking factorsMetadata is also an important factor in ranking because it contains all the content of your site, including quality and quantity. Having original content is more important than keyword stuffing your site. Longer articles or sites with more content are preferred over ones with short articles and diminutive content.

Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and having a following with improve your SEO ranking. This will also lead to more exposure and a more personal relationship with your clientele. Having social media sites will also have your brand in more than one place, which can increase your Google ranking because Google’s crawlers will be more familiar with your brand and content increasing SEO.

Using links on your website can either help or hurt your Google ranking factor. If your links are broken or link to spammy websites, Google’s crawlers will catch on and rank your website lower due to either neglect or spam. Linking to an authority site will increase your SEO because Google’s crawlers go to your links and find that you’re using high quality sources and links. This will then cause you to be more likely to rank higher up in the SERP.

Traffic will also affect your ranking because it shows how many people visit your website and how many people are repeat visitors. Returning visitors show that your site is interesting and relevant enough on the topic to pique someone’s interest long enough to get them to return. Google’s crawlers will notice this and rank your site by comparing traffic, what pages on your site people visited, what they returned to, and how many people returned. If you don’t have a lot of traffic right now, this won’t be a big problem as there are many other ways for you to increase your SEO and Google ranking. However, once you do begin to have more traffic it may begin to exponentially increase.

Having an easily readable site layout also helps both Google’s crawlers and your users when finding your page. You don’t want a cluttered page with a bunch of pop-up ads or a website layout that doesn’t follow a left-to-right pattern. You want users to have an easy time using your website. Keeping blocks of paragraphs spaced out will be easier on the eyes and allow for better reading accuracy.

Keeping these factors in mind when making changes to your website for better ranking will increase traffic flow to your site and rank you higher in Google’s search engine results page.

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