For many online entities, whether they’re content sites or product sites, getting a high rank on a search engine will be a deciding factor in the long term success of a website. A website looking to make a move to the next level may consider using SEO consulting services at some point in its lifetime. Below are some key indicators that suggest SEO consulting as a viable solution.


Your Website Has a Low Page Rank

An SEO consultant can play doctor and find parts of your site to revamp so that you can advance closer to the first page of Google (or other search engines). They will do so through the content on your landing pages, articles, home page, as well as other relevant areas specific to your site.

Your SEO consultant can find un-optimized areas of your website that you did not notice in your day-to-day dealings.


You Pay Too Much For Traffic

I want you to do something right now.

Go to and search the website When you search this website up, you’ll see that 60% of their content comes from organic search results.

Many businesses pay Google and Facebook thousands of dollars every month to direct traffic to their sites in the hopes of making a sale. However, there are many other businesses, such as Loveislame, that get that traffic, for FREE.

The one time price you pay for an SEO consultant could give you free traffic in perpetuity that will convert into customers if your landing pages are solid.


You’ve Got Some Technical Issues…

Many websites face SEO related technical issues such as 301/302 redirects, 404s, slow site speeds, inefficient site maps, and pagination among other problems. While a web developer could fix some of these issues, a technical SEO consultant would be your ultimate weapon in destroying website inefficiency.

If you are having technical issues, be sure that your SEO consultant has the experience, background, and past results to deal with those issues. The last thing you want is for them to bill you by the hour for an issue they cannot resolve.


My Website’s Rank Has Fallen and it Can’t Get Back Up!

Google makes tweaks to its search engine algorithms every year. So does Bing. They do this so much, that websites who were on page one could find themselves on page five when the algorithm updates.

Google does this to keep a competitive advantage so that nobody can capitalize on the algorithm, and also so that they can get users the most organic and legitimate results on their web searches.

That being said, if your website has experienced this type of situation, it may be best to bring in an SEO consulting service to diagnose the issues and work on a resolution plan.


You See Low Conversion Rates on Your Online Business

Sometimes you’ve got a beautifully optimized, fast, and sleek web page. It’s on the first page of Google. The product is amazing, there’s just one problem. You’re making NO SALES. How can that be?

Conversion rates for consumer products typically hover around 1-3%, but it’s not unusual for very well designed sites to have very low rates of conversion. Why is that happening?

There are several potential reasons, like:

  • Poor Sales Letters
  • No Call to Action
  • Bad Copywriting
  • Confusing Buying Process
  • Poor Marketing Techniques

An SEO consultant will be able to help you analyze the reasons behind low conversion rates. Perhaps the bounce rate on the page is high, or the users aren’t able to find the buy page.

If you have a great product and a great webpage, you absolutely deserve to be converting customers.

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